On July 21, 2016 it was the Radio Mi Amigo Shortwave AM Radio Event of the Year! For this special occasion they sent not only from of their regular European 6005 kHz (49m band) and the 1485 AM (from Riga), but this live show was also be relayed to the world by a 100 kW shortwave transmitter in Armenia, on 11.850 kHz (25m band)! This powerful transmitter has 12 different directional antenna configurations and will be able to reach parts of the world outside Europe where normally she are not received. Reception reports of this broadcast could be sent to: info(at)radiomiamigointernational.com.More Radio Mi Amigo information (in 3 languages) can be read at: www.raddiomiamigointernational.com.

Radio Mi Amigo Armenia 11850 kHz 1.jpg

Radio Mi Amigo Armenia 11850 kHz 2.jpg 

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